Thursday, February 14, 2019

Minnie's Valentine's Day Surprise

Had so much fun participating in the Minnie's Valentine's Day Surprise.

All you do is buy the card, $6.99 and you can apply your Annual Pass Discount.  I bought both cards $13.98 and my discount was $2.80.

We went ahead and received are prizes, which was Valentines cards with all the images we were on the hunt for.

I took pictures of all them around the park and my friend put the stickers on the card.  Some were really easy to find and spot.  A couple of them I never thought we would find!

I had to come home and scrapbook all of the pictures.  It was fun walking around the park and noticing new things.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, December 31, 2018

Disney Planner

I decided to make my own planner this year. I had all the rings, the weekly spread, monthly spreads, Washington, stickers, and printables.  I bought a Mickey Mouse folder at Target during back to school time.  Love the pockets to hold my extra printables.

I love Disney and decided to decorate all Disney. I used printables from My Life Planners, Victoria Thatcher, some I found myself, some I made myself, old scraps of scrapbook paper, and cut up old calendars I had saved for years and did nothing with.

My goal was to have the whole year decorated but only made it to June.  Stay tuned for my June layouts.  Will be all Star Wars just in time for the new Star Wars Land to open at Disneyland.

I'm not sure why these are not posting in order either, so sorry about that.