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Hello Kitty Christmas Ornaments

I used the Cricut Hello Kitty cartridge, glass ornaments, and some old ribbon to make these.

I love Nerds SMASH book pages

I used the nerd file folders I scored at Wal Mart for .15!!!!  SMASHED about going to the Microsoft store and the new tablet SURFACE!  (Ohhh I love it).  The inside of the folder is SMASHED about later on that day going to Fry's electronics. We had a fun nerdy day.

Washi Tape covered Clothes Pins

I bought some clothes pins from the dollar store.  I used the Recollections washi tape from Michael's and covered them.

Was only gonna make 2 sets but they were so much fun, I kept making them.

Cabbage Patch Hospital from 1988 and 1995 visits

I have saved all of these things for years now.  Along time ago a gal, can't remember who, made the paper piecing for me.  It was from my very first online scrapbook group.  I finally SMASHED it.

I used the K&Co Light Purple Big SMASHbook, the yellow pages.  I added green file folders I found in a drawer, so the pages can be opened to give me more room.

Inside the birth certificates, were pictures of other Cabbage Patch Kids for sale.  I cut those and I had saved a million of the brochures.  Cut those up and used those too.

My fave about this page is the bag, I had saved it from when I was either a kid, or my trip when I graduated Highschool in 1995.  In 2011, went back, and it has closed :( I was really sad.  They didn't even have the painted wall up to take pictures by.

Shirt I had made

I follow many of the coupon blogs and websites.  Yesterday, vistaprint, had the mens T-shirts for only $2.00 so I had this made.

Can not wait for the mail to come.  I want to wear it all the time and I don't even have it yet.

More New Orleans Pages

More New Orleans pages.  I kinda mixed SMASHING with Scrapping.  Even used old stickers I bought in 2000 or 2001 and dusted off my Creative Memories circle cutter.  Don't know why I stopped tearing paper, or stopped using my circle cutter.  Forgot how much fun they both are to do.