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SMASH Idea - church

I loooove this page.  My Dad and I went to church on vacation, I fell in love with the church!!  Wish it was in my town.  I used very old Thomas Kincaide stickers I bought from ABC in maybe 2002? lol I also used an old flip page, I wish I had more of.  I attached a picture of how it opens.

I also printed the journalling on cardstock, then attached my scraps of the cross paper on top, ran it through the printer again.

SMASH Travel Page

I used some of the advertising material for this page.  I cut the map to fit for the background page and the picture of the building was perfect size.  I added my pictures I took around town and used the title of the advertisement on the side.  I also cut out the little city names from the magazine as well.

Hello Kitty SMASH idea.

These are from the Hello Kitty book.  I also bought the paper pack, which is filled with many extras to add to the pages.  These are some silly pics outside a craft show in Sioux City, IA

SMASH book page about my fave store Cato!!!

I once again covered up some Hello Kitty pages in my book.  I used some scraps from a Bachelorette party I scrapped about years ago, washi tape, and old stickers I snagged at a Leisure Arts wearhouse sale in Little Rock, AR a million years ago.

I just had to save the bag.  I don't have any Cato's in CA so every vacation, I try to find one.  This was in Sioux City, IA.

SMASH Pages about Scrapbook Shopping

I had to cover up some pages in my Hello Kitty book to match the scrapbook shopping trip pages.  I used printables from Pinterest I had saved and Karen Foster scraps left over from another page.