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SMASHBook Pages about Scrapping!

So much fun to get together with gals and scrapbook.  

The Lucky One - SMASH Page

Saved my ticket stubs when my mom friend and I went to see the movie.  I used popcorn paper, stickers, and film strip Washi tape!

Dark Shadows Movie SMASH Page

I used an advertisement from junk mail.  It had images from the movie.  When I saw the movie, they had a cute prop set up.  Had to take my picture!  Used my ticket stub as well.

Fight Like a Gurl - SMASH Book Page

We went to go see the fight one night and I finally got around to SMASHing it.  Used my Cricut Phrases Cart for the title.  Found the pink glove image online, printed two in wallet size, and cut them out.  Covered pages in the Red book and used Recollections Feme Fetale paper.

SMASH - Page on Games I Play

Readers Digest had a cute article on playing games.  I cut out words off the cover and games in the article.

I've been saving screen shots of my favorite Facebook games I play and print them out in wallet size.

Its messy and I love it!  Used the pink SMASH Book.

Meeting online friends SMASH Page

I'm In a group called Scrappin Girls of SMASHaholics on Facebook.  Got to meet up with an online friend and her daughter.  We met for lunch and some scrapbook shopping!

K&Company SMASH My Fill-in-The-Blank Life After School Edition

Finally found the new SMASH books last week at Michaels.  I started going through my high school box and did a few pages.  I can't wait to fill it all up!  Love these new books!  I'm gonna keep adding to this post, so they are all in one spot.

In my old highschool book, this was the title page, I just added some scraps to it, washi, and the short list post its from the cutesy smash kit at Target

 Used the stache pocket to hold all the information I saved, newspaper articles, and doubles of pics from my Dance Days at my high school.  Had this old pom pom thing from Homecoming and I ripped off some of the strings to add to the page.  Used old letter stickers too.

I didn't want to cover this page, so I used paper clips to hold a pocket page.  Everything in it was about getting my drivers license for the first time.  So glad I kept all of this!

 This what the back looks like and smashed the receipt from driving school and filled in the blanks.  Even my embarrassing moment of h…

Knotts Berry Farm Scrapbook Page

I used my Cricut with the Formal Occasion Cart and Artbooking Cart.

Eco Style SMASHBook

I worked on some pages in my Eco SMASH Book I've been ignoring it.  I used lots of flipups and old set I bought it 1997!  Feels so good to use all this stuff up!

Animal SMASHBook Pages

Someone on the smash group I'm on inspired me to SMASH some of my old pets.  It has been to hard before.  The pain never quite goes away, when you lose a pet.

Today, I was all smiles, remembering these precious animals, that didn't stay as long as I would have liked them too.

I used things already in my stash and even used some old eyelets I had!  Haven't used those in years!

Thank you for looking!

This one is a double spread 12x12 page.  My cricut is down right now, I actually used old stencils, hand cut out the letters, and used old eyelets!  Felt good to old school scrap!