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Christmas Ornament Ideas

I have been making floating ornaments for a few years now and this year wanted to try some new ideas.

I want my whole Christmas Tree to be home made ornaments, so have been busy getting them made.

I've used my Cricut Explore Air, cartridges, and uploaded images.  I used slice to change the colors.

I do not own these images.  I just googled my favorite Christmas Movies.

Travel Scrapbook Album Flip Thru

I can't get away from the Smashbook style, even in my normal scrapbooks.

I love saving menus, business cards, brochures, and postcards.

My sister found this album at a thrift store and gave it to me.  I wanted vacation all in one place instead of all over random style of Smashbooks.

We got back in the middle of July and finished this last weekend!

Used lots of flips and used my Cricut Print and Cut feature.  Saves so much time!

Thanks for viewing!

CHA 2016

I am part of a Creative Crew at A Creative Journey with Melissa.  She is a fabulous designer, that has her own stamp line!  Please check out the amazing Inspiration Gallery.  Such a talented group of ladies.  I'm honored to be part of this group.

It was such an honor to represent Melissa at CHA 2016!!! Oh so exciting to see all the new products, trends, and new tools!  Its so hard to see it all but I tried!  I found some new lines I love, met some new designers, and have so much inspiration!

I'll start at the beginning of our trip.  Always love when we first get to the Anaheim Convention Center!  So much excitement and I kinda turn into a kid at Disneyland - which of course it's right by Disney so its the same feeling!

Last year we started at the back, this year we started at the other side.  Right off the back I saw something I muse have!!!

The Downton Abbey Collection!  I even did a video of the papers so you can see how beautiful they are.

Their catalog was digital, so…