Thursday, July 17, 2014

K&Company SMASH My Fill-in-The-Blank Life After School Edition

Finally found the new SMASH books last week at Michaels.  I started going through my high school box and did a few pages.  I can't wait to fill it all up!  Love these new books!  I'm gonna keep adding to this post, so they are all in one spot.

In my old highschool book, this was the title page, I just added some scraps to it, washi, and the short list post its from the cutesy smash kit at Target

 Used the stache pocket to hold all the information I saved, newspaper articles, and doubles of pics from my Dance Days at my high school.  Had this old pom pom thing from Homecoming and I ripped off some of the strings to add to the page.  Used old letter stickers too.

I didn't want to cover this page, so I used paper clips to hold a pocket page.  Everything in it was about getting my drivers license for the first time.  So glad I kept all of this!

 This what the back looks like and smashed the receipt from driving school and filled in the blanks.  Even my embarrassing moment of hitting the gas pump the first time I ever got gas by myself lol.

Used another pocket to hold all my report cards I saved - top one was all A's not the rest though :(  Used some Oh Snap stickers and journalling cards to write about things I remembered from different classes I was in.

Used the Gobble Up page because I was in Restaurant Occupations class in highschool.  Used some pics from the yearbook, I took them on my phone, and printed on photo paper.  I used more of the pom pom string to tie the pencils together that we wrote orders on.  Used the menu, our teachers business cards, and my name tag that I believe we were supposed to turn in and I forgot!  

 Pictures from the same class, ROP.  We had a Christmas party and we all cooked and were assigned desserts to bring.  Used Ruby Rocket-It paper for this and wish I had more of now!

I graduated early and moved out of state.  Came back for graduation and my parents, class, and teacher, planned a Surprise party for me and I had saved the menu all this time.

Attached pics in photo sleeves with fabric washitape so it opens up for more pics and tag.

More pics from the party and more Ruby Rock-It paper.

Hidden journalling

I used two more pockets to hold all the information I saved from class, all the things I saved from my waitress days in High School, added journalling, and Jolle's stickers I scored at Michaels last week for 25cents!

I took two pictures from the yearbook on my phone and printed on photo paper, used an article in our school newsletter where my bestie Shannon interviewed me for, and some Oh Snap Accessories!

I never ordered my letterman jacket.  Lettered twice in Pageantry.  I knew the perfect thing to use it on would come along!!!!

Hidden Journalling

Used up some old scrap things I got for free at convention a million years ago.

A pic of my friend and I at a dance in high school and all the receipts I could find.  Wish all the books had these pages in it.  I want it for movie ticket stubs.

My fave pages out of both the new books!  So funny!  and on the wall in my pic on the right page, one of the posters, is almost the same looking cat! lol

 Hidden journaling about scrunchies, long tangled phone cords, missing that time of life, and reminiscing.

Forgot one earlier and it was the first page I did in the book!
Had a bunch of wallets from different friends and thought the multiple personalities was cute.  I just added some different paper on the background and washi tape.  I also only attached at the top because I wanted to be able to see what they wrote to me on the back.

This was when I was on the Flag, Dance, and Drill Team - budget cuts, so you had to be on all of it or none of it.  But fun, cause it was Drill and Flag during parade season and Dance the rest of the time.

Never have done a sideways page in the SMASH books and totally love it.  Not sure why I didn't before.  I cut the part with the stage and put on top to keep the words on the pic, added letters, and used a glue gun to add on some bling.

This has hidden journalling and an extra pic.