Thursday, November 21, 2013

Christmas SMASH Book - Cover and Page

I can't believe I already have my tree up!  But, we found one at a decent price, and we both were excited and put it up last night.  Of course I took pics.

I wish the tree was the first in the book but oh well, love the random order of my smashbooking.

I bought some wrapping tape in the Dollar Spot at Target and put that on the front and back of the book, in the middle, I used the washi that came with the Christmas SMASH Bundle.

Then I smashed our pictures from last night and used a little of everything I've collected.
 These little gift card holders, I wanted to use in my book.  LOVE the scratch off!  So I wrote a little note and scratched it off.
 On this page, the picture of the tree opens up for more pictures.