Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Snow Man Door - With Instructions

I've been seeing the Snow Man Door allllllllllll over Pinterest, so I have no idea who to credit for the first idea.

I used my old Creative Memories circle cutter for this.  I used the large circle with the red blade on the outside and cut two for the eyes.  Then the inside of the CM cutter, I used the blue blade and cut 8 small circles.

For the hat, it is just a 12x12 piece of black paper.  I added a 2 inch cut of red paper.  Then out of another 12x12 piece of black paper, cut two inch sections, and added to the sides.  For the nose, I just cut a triangle out of orange paper.  I attached with clear tape and my mom gave me that big red bow.

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!