Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Travel SMASHbook - Hoover Dam

 We went to Hoover Dam in December 2012.  AMAZING - if you ever get a chance, stop by.  It is really beautiful.  I just had to SMASH it of course!   I bought a few post cards and cut one up that had several pics of the Dam and the top of the postcards had the Hoover Dam title, so I use those too.  I used 4 different washi tapes.  Cut up one of them because I loved the postage stamp images.

The second picture is showing how I use flip ups.  I buy the 10 pack in the photo dept. of Wal Mart for .97 and attach by using my tape runner and cover with washi tape.  I do use my tape runner on the back of the washi just for more stability and sometimes, washi does come off after a while.  I'm really happy with these pages....such great memories!