Friday, October 18, 2013

Cutesy Style Smash Book - Sprinkles Cupcakes

I was soooooooo excited to be at The Grove and find a Sprinkles Cupcakes!!!!  I had been to The Grove a few times and did not know Sprinkles was there!!!!

I used to watch the show The Girls Next Door!  Bridgett was always buying Sprinkles Cupcakes for her man and any function at The Mansion!

I told them how excited I was and they gave me an extra sticker and a card.  I loved the little wooden spoons they give you too.  I got the Red Velvet cupcake and it was so delish!!!!

I had to put it in my Cutesy Style SMASH book! First page in this book complete....will I ever finish all these books up??

I used leftover stickers I scored at Wal Mart last year for a quarter and the cupcake and heart washi tape!