Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dress Form Notepad - made with the Cricut

I saw the neatest video about making Dress Form Notepads.

The lady used a die cut but I have my Cricut and decided to try it myself.

I was just gonna use the leftover paper from the inside of album pages but it kept sticking to my mat so I used white card stock.

The outside, I used a Dt. Coke box.  I just set my Cricut to Blade 6 and the heaviest pressure but asked it to cut each image twice, to make sure it went all the way thru.

I have a stash of body scrubbers and decided to cut one up for the skirt. Punched holes, added a jump ring, and tied some ribbon.

Love how it turned out, even though it took a while.  Love how it stands on its own as well.